• Commissioning and Installation
  • Operator Training
  • Troubleshooting and Repair
  • Machine Restoration
  • Machine Retrofitting
  • Appraisals
  • Purchasing of Surplus Equipment
  • Freight Arrangements
  • Financing

Fasfold Retrofit CNC Press Brake Control

Fasfold, leading the press brake world for almost a decade with features like:

  • QuickDraw by hand on Touch PC.
  • Touch screen colour graphics
  • Free-Hand editing on profile as opposed to data block editing
  • Self paced, individualised On-screen tutorials
  • Automatic under-/over-Fold compensation
  • True Bend allowance on backstop (K factor)
  • Dynamic Graphical Diagnostic
  • History Record function for diagnostic and training purposes by HelpDesk.
  • 3D included as standard
  • Plug & Play for Self Installers Fasfolds onboard Commissioning Manager does most of the Commissioning and Calibration Automatically.

Off line programming FASFOLD is available as on option

Need Financing?

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Westside Service offers financing through Dean Meppem, Senior Account Manager at Meridian OneCap. Dean offers solutions to maximize business efficiency when investing in modern equipment. If you need to conserve working capital, you can lease now and buy later with one of the many purchase options.

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Contact Dean:

Cell: 403-651-6120

Email: dean.meppem@roynat.com