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Ermak CNC Press Brake

Available in Speed Bend and Power Bend Models. Machine sizes range from 4′ to 20′, with tonnage ratings ranging from 40 to 440. For anything larger, please check our Heavy Duty Press Brake brochure listed in the downloads or contact Westside Service for further information.

Power Bend PRO Series is designed to provide long-life service and operate at high precision for years in a heavy production environment. Power Bend models come standard with the Delem DA-58T 2D Graphical CNC Controller, Y1 Y2 X & R Axis’ along with CNC Crowning.

Speed Bend PRO Series is designed to enable speed and high quality production capability in order to decrease time unit costs in a competitive environment. In order to increase the production flexibility the Speed Bend models come standard with ER90+ 3D Graphical CNC Controller, Y1 Y2 X R Z1 Z2 Axis’ along with CNC Crowning.

Equipped with tooling, back and side guarding and laser type beam protection unit to comply with safety standards. Optional equipment available to fit the customers specific needs. User friendly controllers. Installation and training included.